JS7 Crash: Funniest Edits

Anaheim 1

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Click here for the crash from James Stewart's point of view then check out The Funniest Photo Edits Of His A1 Crash

Listen, we know that James rode his heart out at A1. In fact, it was some of the most inspired riding we've seen out of him in the past couple of seasons. Unfortunately it left him on the ground. But fortunately for those of us with a sense of humor that don't hate happiness, a lot of people hit the Photoshop with some epic edits of James mid-crash. Let's take a look at some of our favorites:

1. Roundhouse Kick James
You got knocked the f#$% out, man!

2. Break Dancing James
Nothing like a solid warm-up before the night show.

3. Palma Horse James
Screw Supercross. We're going to the Olympics, bitch. #2016

4. James Stewart: The Tiger Woods of Golf
No bro, you're doing it wrong.

5. Failed Hurdler James
I mean, that gear cannot be regulation hurdle attire, right?

6. And finally: Taco James
"You know, I don't really like tacos." - No one ever.

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