Price is back on his bike after taking time out to concentrate on his career and being a dad to his children, Dustin and Millie.

The world-class freestyle motorcross stunt rider retired from wooing audiences - and breaking more bones than he can remember - four years ago.

Now 33, Price is back competing and loving every minute of it.

"I had a year off, settled down and got into work, but the last three years I have just been really itching," said Price.

"My mate [US baseballer] Nick Franklin is into his FMX as well. He has been on my case ... 'get on the bike Luke, get on the bike'. I am not getting any younger so thought it is time to bite the bullet and just do it, give it one last chance.

"I said to my wife if we are going to do this then we need to do it properly and Kelly has been real happy for me to get back into it.

A major fundraising event for Cure Kids to be held at Fraser Cove on January 10 is another driving force for Price.

He starred in the hugely popular Ride for Life Meningitis Trust fundraiser held there back in 2005.

"We are going to do a hot rod and car display, plus Jed Mildon from Nitro Circus is going to be there, as well as the top freestyle motorcross riders in the country.

"It is probably going to be one of the best displays of freestyle motorcross and BMX Bay of Plenty has seen.

"That is what we are gunning for."

Mildon was the first person to land the biggest trick in BMX history with the triple flip in 2011.

Price performed for the famous Crusty Demons stunt riding team in the United States and rates the aerial display he and other riders did on live television during the 2006 Fight For Life as a career highlight.

"I am definitely soaring with the eagles and we have young Levi Sherwood riding with us, who is second-ranked rider in the world," Price said.

"We are going to put on a great show in January and I couldn't do it without the help of Husqvarna motorcycles, Motorex oils, Motoz tyres, Auckland Harley Davidson and the Pratt family, THOR,, Commercial Signs and Spokeskins NZ.

"It is going to be awesome."