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FIM MX World Champs 2016

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MXGP Qualifying  Race highlights

Back to back MXGP qualification wins for Tim Gajser as he controlled the race with a brilliant start and consistent lap times. He won from Antonio Cairoli and Max Nagl.

“The key was the start, I got the holeshot and I just made a gap and controlled the race. I am really looking forward to tomorrow.”

Gajser lead the MXGP qualifier from Tommy Searle, Max Nagl, Antonio Cairoli, Romain Febvre, Valentin Guillod, Evgeny Bobryshev, Kevin Strijbos, Jeremy Van Horebeek, Shaun Simpson, and Kei Yamamoto in 10th.

Febvre dropped back to seventh after a mistake, Nagl also dropped back, and up front Gajser looked brilliant.

After two laps it was Gajser, Searle, Bobryshev, Cairoli, Strijbos, Febvre, Nagl, Van Horebeek, Simpson and Desalle in 10th.

After three laps Gajsers lead was three seconds, with Bobryshev a further seven seconds back. Strijbos is on to Cairoli, and Febvre and Nagl are also looking at closing in on fourth place.

Van Horebeek went into the mechanic area for some work on his bike. Febvre made a mistake and Nagl got past.

After seven laps Gajser holds 10 seconds over Searle and Strijbos and Nagl continue to close in on Cairoli in fourth place. Nagl finally passes Strijbos and you get the feeling he will be onto Cairoli quickly, Nagl looked really quick.

Searle is also getting pressure from Bobryshev who has moved up to the back wheel of the British rider. Bobryshev went past easily and moved into second place. Honda now first and second.

Cairoli has also picked up the pace and is onto Searle and right behind those guys are Nagl, Strijbos, and a closing Febvre.

Cairoli passes Searle, and Nagl is into Searle, eventually passing Searle. Febvre is coming fast and is onto Strijbos.

Febvre is onfire, blasting past Strijbos, but Strijbos pushes his way back past Febvre and then the Frenchman passes the Belgian and also goes past Searle. The track is really rutted up now.

Cairoli moves into second as Bobryshev goes down, and Febvre is all over Searle, but get a little out of shape before a jump.

Gajser is just cruising up front, and Nagl is closing in on Cairoli for second. Gajser wins from Cairoli, and Nagl. Febvre got past Searle for fifth place.

MX2 Qualifying  Race Highlights

Herlings start

Red Bull KTM Factory rider Jeffrey Herlings has taken the Mx2 qualification race win this evening in Mexico, his fifth qualification win in a row. Herlings won after taking the lead from early leader Pauls Jonass.

“Normally when the track is watered I make mistakes so I just took my time early, I was able to pass Pauls, and get ready for tomorrow. I just need a good start tomorrow.”

Jonass took the holeshot with Herlings on his back wheel. Then came Bernadini, Tonkov, Seewer, Petrov, Brylyakov, Anstie, Pootjes, Zaragoza in 10th.

Bernadini passed Herlings for second, as Herlings drops back a few seconds. Tonkov pulled out of the race on moto one, and Herlings drops to four seconds off the pace of Jonass.

After two laps, its Jonass, Bernardini, Herlings, Seewer, Brylyakov, Anstie, Petrov, Pootjes, Covington and Paturel.

Herlings moved into second on lap three, and started his chase of Jonass. Convington dropped to 15th, and Vlaanderen moved into 10th place.

Herlings easily pulling in Jonass, just taking his time and riding smart. After six laps it is Jonass, Herlings, Bernardini, Seewer, Brylyakov, Anstie, Petrov, Paturel, Pootjes and Vlaanderen.

On lap seven Herlings passed Jonass, and started quickly moving away. Running lap times a second quicker than his team-mate.

Seewer moves into third, and Anstie battling with Brylyakov for fifth place, Bernardini also finds Anstie on his back wheel and both Brylyakov and Anstie go past Bernardini, although Bernardini quickly repasses Anstie.

The Italian then makes a mistake and Anstie goes past again. After eight laps it was Herlings by three seconds, then Jonass, Seewer, Brylyakov, Anstie, Bernardini, Petrov, Paturel, Vlaanderen and Graulus. Petrov also gets past Bernardini.

Herlings got the win from Jonass, and Seewer.

MX2 – Qualifying Race

1 1 84 Herlings, Jeffrey NED KTM 24:50.878
2 2 41 Jonass, Pauls LAT KTM 25:01.840
3 3 91 Seewer, Jeremy SUI SUZ 25:22.978
4 4 18 Brylyakov, Vsevolod RUS KAW 25:24.250
5 5 99 Anstie, Max GBR HUS 25:25.056
6 6 152 Petrov, Petar BUL KAW 25:25.606
7 7 321 Bernardini, Samuele ITA TM 25:34.099
8 8 6 Paturel, Benoit FRA YAM 25:37.244
9 9 10 Vlaanderen, Calvin NED KTM 25:58.473
10 10 71 Graulus, Damon BEL HON 26:03.098
11 11 64 Covington, Thomas USA HUS 26:03.846
12 12 95 Justs, Roberts LAT KTM 26:10.859
13 13 29 Jacobi, Henry GER HON 26:13.328
14 14 101 Zaragoza, Jorge ESP HON 26:32.403
15 15 161 Östlund, Alvin SWE YAM 26:40.095
16 16 46 Pootjes, Davy NED KTM 25:32.811
17 17 129 Gomez , Carlo Ivan MEX YAM 25:45.165
18 18 14 Valente, Christopher SUI KTM 25:48.616
19 19 510 Sanchez, Oscar Alejandro MEX KAW 25:21.148
20 20 59 Tonkov, Aleksandr RUS YAM 3:53.619

MXGP – Qualifying Race 

1 1 243 Gajser, Tim SLO HON 24:11.002
2 2 222 Cairoli, Antonio ITA KTM 24:17.197
3 3 12 Nagl, Maximilian GER HUS 24:18.716
4 4 777 Bobryshev, Evgeny RUS HON 24:22.933
5 5 461 Febvre, Romain FRA YAM 24:24.026
6 6 100 Searle, Tommy GBR KAW 24:26.546
7 7 22 Strijbos, Kevin BEL SUZ 24:27.680
8 8 25 Desalle, Clement BEL KAW 24:41.279
9 9 259 Coldenhoff, Glenn NED KTM 24:47.780
10 10 24 Simpson, Shaun GBR KTM 24:49.395
11 11 92 Guillod, Valentin SUI YAM 25:09.698
12 12 77 Lupino, Alessandro ITA HON 25:14.341
13 13 17 Butron, Jose ESP KTM 25:17.891
14 14 400 Yamamoto, Kei JPN HON 25:19.900
15 15 32 Potisek, Milko FRA YAM 25:21.424
16 16 23 Charlier, Christophe FRA HUS 25:24.896
17 17 685 Lenoir, Steven FRA HON 25:36.875
18 18 225 Andrade, Eduardo MEX YAM 25:42.344
19 19 89 Van Horebeek, Jeremy BEL YAM 16:35.617



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