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Moto & Sprint Formats

Australian MX Nationals 2014

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Traditional 30 Minute Motos and 20 Minute Sprint Formats Announced For 2014 Monster Energy MX Nationals With much hype building in the lead-up to the 2014 Monster Energy MX Nationals, William Event Management (WEM) the promoters of the 2014 Monster Energy MX Nationals have announced the new race formats for the 2014 season.

Following a review at the end of the 2013 season the new formats are ready to go, with racers in the MX1, MX2 and MXD classes racing a combination of two and three race formats across the season. 

At five rounds the traditional 2 moto format that was in place for 2013 will carry over with, the MX1 and MX2 classes racing do 2 x 30 minutes plus 1 lap moto's while the MXD class will race 2 x 20 minute plus 1 lap motos at these events if they are sheduled to race as the MXD class will be only racing eight of the ten rounds in 2014. 

New for 2014 series the MX1, MX2 classes will race 3 x 20 minute plus 1 lap moto's at the remaining five rounds. The MXD class at these events will also race the same 3 x 20 minute plus one lap moto. 

Unlike previous years where the 30 minute plus one lap races were converted back to laps, giving riders the knowledge of exactly how many laps they would be racing heading into each moto, in 2014 WEM have reverted back to the tradition method of timed races, meaning the last lap board will not be shown to the lead rider until either 30 minutes or 20 minutes has expired in the moto depending on format.2008-2011 MX Nationals Champ Jay Marmont who has just announced his return to the CDR Yamaha team is looking forward to the new split formats that keeps the traditional longer racers at some events, but also allows points to be made up at the remaining events with more points on offer. 

"I really like the 3 x 20 minute moto format, if you have a poor race you can still work hard for a solid overall, and keeping 5 traditional rounds should keep most happy," Marmont stated. 

Jay's younger brother and former lites class champion Ryan Marmont who now works a full time job during the week is also pleased to see the shorter races return to the schedule in 2014. 

"I have a full time job now and racing the new 20 minute format will be sweet. Ryan Marmont stated. "I think this is a good balance, I think we should see some great racing in the 20 minute formats." 

Another rider who is in favour of the change is Victorian Adam Monea. 

"I think this format will be better than tha back to back format in 2012 and should produce some great racing, having the traditional format at five rounds is great as-well, its the best of both worlds, and with more point scoring races it should keep the series alive". Monea commented. 

At this point in time their is no word on which rounds each of the formats will be allocated to, though an announcement is expect by the end of the week. 

The opening round of the 2014 Monster Energy MX Nationals will take place at Broadford in Victoria on the 30th of March. 

Top Image: Team Mechanics will have to be on the ball in 2014 making sure they are letting their riders know how much time is left. 

Credit: Aaryn Minerds

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