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One More Step for Blazusiak

2014 World Endurocross

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Taddy Blazusiak Takes Another Step Towards 2014 Super Enduro Title

Red Bull KTM’s Taddy Blazusiak laid the groundwork for yet another SuperEnduro title on Sunday night in Barcelona, when he won all three of the Elite Finals to take a comfortable overall victory. 

Blazusiak was joined on the podium by KTM factory teammate Jonny Walker of Britain, who took a strong second place with a 5-2-2 result in the three finals, while Husqvarna's Alfredo Gomez rounded out the podium. 

“Our riders were in great form tonight." KTM Team Manager Alex Doringer commented. "They were very strong and they made no major mistakes. 

"I can say they gave it 100 percent. Taddy was particularly impressive, especially in the second final where riders have to start in the reverse order. He had already taken the lead after the second corner.” 

The crowd of more than 10,000 rose to the occasion in the Barcelona stadium and clearly enjoyed seeing the Enduro specialists tackle the daunting range of obstacles at close range. The track was hard pack but in part was very slick after being dampened down by course marshals. 

Blazusiak now holds a commanding Blazusiak 39 point lead over British Serco racer, David Knight, with Walker a further 36 points further back in third position. 

The World SuperEnduro championship takes a week off before the season draws to a close with the final of six rounds in Tours, France on February 22, 2014.

SE Prestige Final 1:

1. Taddy Blazusiak - KTM
2. Alfredo Gomez - HVA
3. David Knight - SHERCO
4. Joakim Ljunggren - HVA
5. Jonny Walker - KTM
6. Ivan Cervantes - KTM
7. Mathias Bellino - HVA
8. Kyle Redmond - KTM
9. Daniel McCanney - BETA
10. Daniel Gibert-Gatell - HUSABERG

SE Prestige Final 1:
1. Taddy Blazusiak - KTM
2. Jonny Walker - KTM
3. David Knight - SHERCO
4. Kornél Nemeth - KTM
5. Joakim Ljunggren - HVA
6. Daniel McCanney - BETA
7. Alfredo Gomez - HVA
8. Mathias Mathias - HVA
9. Xavier Leon 
10. Ivan Cervantes - KTM

SE Prestige Final 1:
1. Taddy Blazusiak - KTM
2. Jonny Walker - KTM
3. Alfredo Gomez - HVA
4. Joakim Ljunggren - HVA
5. David Knight - SHERCO
6. Mathias Bellino - HVA
7. Kyle Redmond - KTM
8. Daniel McCanney - BETA
9. Ivan Cervantes - KTM
10. Daniel Gibert-Gatell - HUSABERG

SE Prestige Championship Standings After round 5 of 6:
1. Taddy Blazusiak - 279 Pts
2. David Knight - 240 Pts
3. Jonny Walker - 204 Pts
4. Alfredo Gomez - 188 Pts
5 . Joakim Ljunggren - 163 Pts
6. Daniel Gibert-Gatell - 147 Pts
7. Mathias Bellino - 123 Pts
8. Kyle Redmond - 115 Pts
9. Daniel McCanney - 78 Pts
10. Kevin Rookstool - 77 Pts

Top Image: Taddy Blazusiak on his way to a clean sweep in Spain 
Credit: Enduro21.com / KTM Racing

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