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Paulin Too Strong in MX1

FIM MX World Champs 2014

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Nagl wins moto one

The opening MXGP moto of the year and Xavier Boog took the lead early, followed by Strijbos, Bobryshev, Nagl, Cairoli, Frossard, Paulin, Desalle, Guarneri, Roelants in 10th. Well back was Searle in 12th, Simpson 15th, Waters 18th and Nicholls 19th.

Strijbos running on his good form on Friday took the lead after half a lap and Bobryshev also went past Boog. Desalle was in trouble as he crashed back to 13th place. Cairoli was looking more aggressive today and was looking for a way past Bobryshev, who had suddenly slipped back to third as Nagl moved into second.

Paulin passed Cairoli and set out after Bobryshev and Nagl closed in on Strijbos for the lead. The two front guys were racing hard and close to eachother although the smooth style of Strijbos continued to give him reward as Nagl pushed for a way past.

Paulin and Bobryshev were also in a good battle, although Paulin won this won passing for third place. Nagl took the lead on lap three and Paulin, Bobryshev, Cairoli and Frossard fought over third place.

Cairoli burst past Bobryshev as Nagl and Strijbos pulled slightly away from Paulin. Further back Searle was riding well moving into 8th place and Simpson was 9th. Desalle remained in 12thposition and was struggling.

On lap five Paulin, Cairoli, and Frossard moved onto the back wheel of Strijbos and started hunting the Belgian down. Nagl held a two second lead. Cairoli was really hanging it out as he sat on Paulins back wheel.

On lap seven it was Nagl, Strijbos, Paulin, Cairoli, Frossard, Bobryshev, Van Horebeek, Searle, Simpson and Guarneri in 10th. Strijbos started fading as his lack of race time caught up with him and Paulin, Cairoli and Frossard went past.

Slowly edging towards Nagl for the lead Paulin, Cairoli and Frossard continued to impress with their speed. The top ten were within sight of eachother as the MXGP class really showed off its talent.

Desalle passed Simpson for ninth place and Cairoli was giving Paulin nightmares as he pushed to pass the Frenchman. In their shadows Frossard sat waiting for a mistake by the Frenchman and Italian.

Due to the close battle between Paulin and Cairoli the leader Nagl was making the gap even bigger, now four seconds on lap 11. Searle moved past Bobryshev and Waters moved up to 13thplace for a lap before Philippaerts went past.

On lap 13 Nagl held a five second lead over Paulin and six seconds over Cairoli. Next came Frossard, Van Horebeek, Strijbos, Searle, Bobryshev, Desalle, and Simpson in 10th place. Cairoli finally got past Paulin and started his charge for Nagl.

Nagl got the win ahead of Cairoli, Paulin, Frossard, Van Horebeek, Van Horbeek, Searle, Strijbos, Bobryshev, Desalle and Roelants in 10th.

MXGP – Race 1 – Classification

1 12 Nagl, Maximilian GER DMSB Honda 34:57.925
2 222 Cairoli, Antonio ITA FMI KTM 34:59.867
3 21 Paulin, Gautier FRA MCM Kawasaki 35:05.752
4 183 Frossard, Steven FRA FFM Kawasaki 35:13.568
5 89 Van Horebeek, Jeremy BEL FMB Yamaha 35:24.537
6 100 Searle, Tommy GBR ACU Kawasaki 35:29.121
7 22 Strijbos, Kevin BEL FMB Suzuki 35:31.510
8 777 Bobryshev, Evgeny RUS MFR Honda 35:32.311
9 25 Desalle, Clement BEL FMB Suzuki 35:32.522
10 34 Roelants, Joel BEL FMB Honda 35:48.002
11 24 Simpson, Shaun GBR ACU KTM 35:49.067
12 39 Guarneri, Davide ITA FMI TM 35:49.788
13 19 Philippaerts, David ITA FMI Yamaha 36:05.473
14 47 Waters, Todd AUS MA Husqvarna 36:07.451
15 3 Leok, Tanel EST EMF TM 36:26.561
16 45 Nicholls, Jake GBR ACU KTM 36:28.722
17 999 Goncalves, Rui POR FMP Yamaha 37:03.507
18 51 Getteman, Jens BEL FMB Honda 35:26.501
19 62 Gercar, Klemen SLO AMZS Honda 35:42.108
20 69 Sabetifar, Amirezza IRI MAFIRI Yamaha 36:00.621
21 121 Boog, Xavier FRA FFM Honda 18:46.145
22 91 Karro, Matiss LAT LAMSF KTM 13:08.968 6
23 95 Justs, Augusts LAT LAMSF Husqvarna 11:25.384
24 411 Runnals, Ross Ian RSA UAEMC Kawasaki 12:35.547
Best lap: #222 Antonio Cairoli Time:1:49.975 in lap 16

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