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Perfect Points for Cooper

NZ Supercross Champs 2013

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Supercross News   By: Aaryn Minerds Thursday, 28th November, 2013

New Zealand's reining Supercross Champion Cody Cooper has won all three races in today's second and final round of the New Zealand Supercross, to claim the 2014 title ahead of Australian's Sam Duncanson. 

 Copper who entered the second round with a perfect 60 points after also winning all three races at round one held on Sunday, did not miss a beat to win his second straight NZSX title. 

Australian rider Matt Haworth rounded out the podium finishing just two points behind Duncanson. The fourth Australian rider in the class, Nick Sutherland who qualified second for today;s races, did not score any points after being forced to the sidelines. 

Recently crowned Australian Under19s Supercross Champion Jay Wilson overcame a one point deficit to New Zealand's Rhys Carter coming into today's final event, winning all three races in the Senior Lites class to win his second national SX Championship in as many weeks. 

Carter finished second to Wilson in all of today's races to secure second in the championship, with Peter Broxholme rounding out the championship podium. 

Josiah Natzke, won the junior 250F championship from Kyle Hartley and Blake James, while Australian Sam Noonan won every race in the Junior Lites class to win the championship by 18 points from Oliver Ayre and Kruz Carter. 

SX Senior Open Round 2:
1. Cody Cooper 60 Pts
2. Sam Duncanson 47 Pts
3. Matt Haworth 45 Pts
4. Justin McDonald 39 Pts
5. Jesse Donnelly 37 Pts
6. Matt Sutherland 28 Pts
7. Isaiah Mcgoldrick 20 Pts
8. Nicholas Sutherland DNF

SX Senior Open Final Championship Standings:
1. Cody Cooper 120 Pts
2. Sam Duncanson 90 Pts
3. Matt Haworth 88 Pts
4. Justin McDonald 78 Pts
5. Jesse Donnelly 68 Pts
6. Matt Sutherland 54 Pts
7. Nicholas Sutherland 42 Pts
8. Isaiah Mcgoldrick 37 Pts

SX Senior Lites Round 2:
1. Jay Wilson 60 Pts
2. Rhys Carter 51 Pts
3. Peter Broxholme 45 Pts
4. Kieran Scheele 39 Pts
5. Keryn Doolan 32 Pts
6. Conrad White 21 Pts

SX Senior Lites Final Championship Standings:
1. Jay Wilson 113 Pts
2. Rhys Carter 105 Pts
3. Peter Broxholme 84 Pts
4. Kieran Scheele 70 Pts
5. Keryn Doolan 60 Pts
6. Micah Mcgoldrick 47 Pts
7. Josh May 24 Pts
8. Conrad White 21 Pts

SX Senior Support Round 2:
1. Glenn Harrison 60 Pts
2. Tommy Dillon 51 Pts
3. Jacob Cornwall 39 Pts
4. Luke Knowles 37 Pts
5. Ollie Sapsford 30 Pts

SX Senior Support Final Championship Standings:
No Results Avaliable

SX Junior 250 Round 2:
1. Kyle Hartley 57 Pts 
2. Josiah Natzke 50 Pts 
3. Blake James 45 Pts 
4. Madison Latta 36 Pts 
5. Tom Scurr 34 Pts 
6. Luke Ruddenklau 28 Pts 
7. Zachary Dobbie 27 Pts 
8. Blake Ditchfield 24 Pts 

SX Junior 250 Final Championship Standings:
1. Josiah Natzke 110 Pts 
2. Kyle Hartley 106 Pts 
3. Blake James 88 Pts 
4. Madison Latta 77 Pts 
5. Blake Ditchfield 59 Pts 
6. Tom Scurr 34 Pts 
7. Luke Ruddenklau 28 Pts 
8. Zachary Dobbie 27 Pts 

SX Junior Lites Round 2:
1. Sam Noonan 60 Pts 
2. Oliver Ayre 51 Pts 
3. Kruz Carter 45 Pts 
4. Lewy Bell 39 Pts 

SX Junior Lites Final Championship Standings:
1. Sam Noonan 120 Pts 
2. Oliver Ayre 102 Pts 
3. Kruz Carter 45 Pts 

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