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MX des Nations 2015

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Paulin wins MXGP qualifier; Townley 2nd

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The opening moto of the Saturday qualification once again showed that we all expected. The French team continue to look strong with the MXGP qualification race win with Gautier Paulin passing early leader Ben Townley after around five laps.
The New Zealander got a rocket start and showed some of his old skills by leading the opening laps. Paulin had to pass first Ken De Dycker, then Townley to the lead. Shaun Simpson was fourth early, followed by Justin Barcia.Paulin and Bayle

Simpson was working overtime to pass De Dycker and right behind those two was Barcia. Simpson eventually pushed his way past De Dycker and Barcia followed him as the Belgian started losing places.

Paulin crossed the line to win then saluted the massive crowd that had given him so much support. Second was Townley, followed by Barcia, Nagl and De Dycker, Bobryshev, Butron, Bergtson, Waters, Ratsep in 10th. Shaun Simpson dropped miles back to 11th after crashing twice, the second time unable to restart his bike.

www.racerxonline reports “The ageless Ben Townley jet-boated away with the early lead. Yes, Ben Townley! And Townley's speed was legit, he hung onto the lead for half the race, with Belgium's Ken de Dycker and France's Gautier Paulin third. Paulin found his groove halfway through and displaced the big Belgian, then went after Townley. The home fans were going nuts! Townley made it easy on Paulin by picking a bad line in lappers, and Paulin went into the lead and took off for a popular win.”

MXGP qualification – Classification

1 1 Paulin, Gautier FRA MCM Honda 24:12.728

2 67 Townley, Ben NZL MNZ Honda 24:24.431
3 7 Barcia, Justin USA AMA Yamaha 24:28.000
4 13 Nagl, Maximilian GER DMSB Husqvarna 24:30.965
5 4 de Dycker, Ken BEL FMB KTM 24:43.006
6 22 Bobryshev, Evgeny RUS FSM Honda 24:52.157
7 61 Butron, Jose ESP RFME KTM 25:03.322
8 31 Bengtsson, Filip SWE SVEMO Honda 25:05.840
9 40 Waters, Todd AUS MA Husqvarna 25:15.447
10 25 Ratsep, Priit EST EMF Honda 25:17.680
11 10 Simpson, Shaun GBR ACU KTM 25:21.511
12 19 Guillod, Valentin SUI FMS Yamaha 25:26.222
13 37 Goncalves, Rui POR FMP Husqvarna 25:35.089
14 43 Larsen, Nikolaj DEN DMU Husqvarna 25:45.154
15 55 Barr, Martin IRL MCUI KTM 25:54.988
16 109 Neurauter, Lukas AUT OeAMTC KTM 25:56.113
17 34 Ivanovs, Davis LAT LAMSF Kawasaki 25:59.636
18 103 Badiali, Carlos VEN FMV Yamaha 26:05.851
19 16 Monticelli, Ivo ITA FMI KTM 26:14.459
20 58 Gercar, Klemen SLO AMZS Husqvarna 24:14.604

Marvelous Marvin – MX2

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Musquin helmet

Marvin Musquin has made it 1-1 for France (adding to the MXGP victory by Gautier Paulin) as he won the MX2 qualification race. It wasn’t hard work for the Frenchman as he took the lead early and was never challenged.

The MX2 qualifier started with Musquin taking the early lead as he squeezed Jeremy Martin out in the first corner. Martin seemed to have the right line but Musquin drifted wide to stop his progress.

Max Anstie held third place until a rider collided with him as he tried to restart his bike going down the hill, after seemingly stalling in a corner, he was out of the race. Fourth place early was Pauls Jonass, but he also went down and dropped back to 11th place.

The top 15 after four laps was Musquin, Martin, Rauchenecker, Seewer, Zaragoza, Tomito, Lieber, Kullas, Kouwenberg, Irwin, Jonass, Jacobi, Ostlund, Cervellin, and Neugebuaer in 15th. On lap five Musquin extended his lead to four seconds over Martin, with third placed Rauchencker 34 seconds back.

Seewer moved into third place and Lieber was also on the charge taking fourth position, with Rauchenecker back in fifth place. Jonass is out of the race on lap six.

Top ten after eight laps was Musquin, Martin, Seewer, Lieber, Rauchenecker, Zaragoza, Kullas, Kouwenberg, Tomito, and Jacobi. On lap 11 Lieber loses two places and is now back in sixth position.

Musquin wins it by seven seconds over Martin, Seewer third, Rauchenecker fourth and Zaragoza in fifth place. Final top ten was Kullas, Lieber, Kouwenberg, Tomito and Jacobi.

Qualifying MX2

1 1 2 Musquin, Marvin FRA KTM 24:03.050
2 2 8 Martin, Jeremy USA YAM 24:07.848
3 3 20 Seewer, Jeremy SUI SUZ 25:02.460
4 4 110 Rauchenecker, Pascal AUT KTM 25:11.264
5 5 5 Lieber, Julien BEL YAM 25:13.591
6 6 62 Zaragoza, Jorge ESP HON 25:14.193
7 7 26 Kullas, Harri EST HUS 25:15.752
8 8 29 Kouwenberg, Nick NED HON 25:24.340
9 9 65 Tomito, Toshiki JPN HON 25:29.735
10 10 14 Jacobi, Henry GER KTM 25:30.740
11 11 17 Cervellin, Michele ITA HON 23:44.093
12 12 56 Irwin, Graeme IRL SUZ 23:51.148
13 13 44 Kjer Olsen, Thomas DEN KTM 23:54.921
14 14 32 Östlund, Alvin SWE YAM 23:56.162
15 15 74 Neugebauer, Filip CZE KAW 24:05.438
16 16 38 Peixe, Sandro POR HON 24:13.502
17 17 104 Rodriguez, Hector VEN YAM 24:15.686
18 18 80 Santos, Fabio BRA YAM 24:19.456
19 19 107 Klingsheim, Magne NOR KAW 24:19.563
20 20 59 Irt, Peter SLO HUS 24:28.188

Kayne Lamont DNF ???

Febvre thinking
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Romain Febvre continued the domination by French riders at the 2015 Monster Energy Motocross of Nations with victory in the qualification race for the Open class riders.

The Open class moto saw Cooper Webb take the holeshot ahead of Tim Gajser, Dean Ferris and Romain Febvre. Gajser went down early. Webb broke away from Ferris and Febvre, but once Febvre was past the Aussie he close up on Webb and passed him. Webb came back though to regain the lead, but then a few laps later the Frenchman took the front spot and pulled away.

Ferris made a mistake mid-race and dropped back to seventh, while Van Horebeek and Coldenhoff got past. Febvre eventually got the win from Webb, Van Horebeek, Coldenhoff and Wilson in fifth place.

Qualifying Heat Open

1 1 3 Febvre, Romain FRA YAM 23:57.211
2 2 9 Webb, Cooper USA YAM 24:01.466
3 3 6 Van Horebeek, Jeremy BEL YAM 24:34.626
4 4 30 Coldenhoff, Glenn NED SUZ 24:38.198
5 5 12 Wilson, Dean GBR KTM 24:38.791
6 6 15 Ullrich, Dennis GER SUZ 24:45.885
7 7 42 Ferris, Dean AUS HUS 25:02.998
8 8 69 Cooper, Cody NZL HON 25:10.777
9 9 27 Leok, Tanel EST KAW 25:12.396
10 10 111 Schmidinger, Günter AUT HON 25:30.528
11 11 60 Gajser, Tim SLO HON 25:34.214
12 12 36 Karro, Matiss LAT HON 25:36.613
13 13 33 Jönsson, Jesper SWE HUS 25:48.582
14 14 72 Jasikonis, Arminas LTU KAW 25:54.489
15 15 18 Bernardini, Samuele ITA TM 25:56.456
16 16 81 Ramos, Jean Carlo BRA HON 26:02.845
17 17 57 Edmonds, Stuart IRL HON 24:00.551
18 18 45 Kjer Olsen, Stefan DEN KAW 24:03.001
19 19 108 Christoffersen, Lasse NOR SUZ 24:03.552
20 20 84 Wysocki, Tomasz POL KTM 24:12.964

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