Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th July: Unfortunately with more torrential downpours during the week all tracks are too wet and remain closed.


Rain in Seattle

AMA Supercross

maddix park mx Aaron Hansel

Welcome to the morning report, which, thanks to a revised schedule, is now an afternoon report. The rain came down yesterday and even though the track was covered, there was plenty of standing water in the flat areas that had to be pumped out this morning. The track crew then went to work on getting the track in shape for practice, which has been cut to two sessions (untimed practice was eliminated). The lanes themselves are pretty dry. Elsewhere? Not so much.  (See above Photo: Hansel). Considering how much moisture there was, the track condition is pretty amazing. In fact, Dunlop Tire guy Brian Fleck said they’re going to start the day on intermediate tires and if the rain stays away, some riders might even end up on a hard-pack tires. There are still plenty of soft spots though, and on track walk, this reporter even had to tighten his shoelaces so the mud wouldn’t pull of his shoes in a few places.

The track isn’t made up of the typical parallel-lane layout you’d expect in a football stadium; some lanes even cut diagonally across the stadium floor. There two whoop sections. The first one is pretty standard and consists of nine whoops. The second is seven long, but they are a little bigger. There’s also an off-camber turn that, with the wet dirt, could be pretty tough to get to the inside of.

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