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Roczen Again and Baggett !!

USA MX 2014

maddix park mx   By Bart Madson

Thunder Valley 450 Motocross Results 2014

Red Bull KTM rider Ken Roczen extended his championship points lead over teammate Ryan Dungey with a 2-1 result at Thunder Valley. Roczen was denied the Moto 1 victory by James Stewart, who took third after in Moto 2 for a second-place in the overall. Meanwhile, Ryan Dungey claimed the final spot on the overall rostrum, with his 4-2 result. 



The opening moto saw JGR Yamaha’s Josh Grant dash out to snare the holeshot. But the Glen Helen Moto 1 victor wouldn’t hold the front position for long, as Stewart charged into the lead early. It’s a position Stewart held throughout the race, although Dungey managed to maneuver up through the ranks and challenge the Yoshimura ace. 

As Dungey challenged Stewart at the front, Roczen was busy getting himself into podium position. The German had to battle past Grant and Muscle Milk Honda’s Trey Canard, but then settled into third and set his sights on the leaders. 

Roczen managed to catch his teammate and challenge for the runner-up position. Stewart moved ahead while the factory KTMs dueled, but once Roczen got past he gained ground on the Suzuki. Although Roczen closed in, Stewart managed to retain his lead and held on for the victory. 

Having ceded second to his teammate, Dungey appeared destined for the final podium step. However, Mr. Consistency had an unexpected fall in the closing laps, allowing Canard to breeze by for third. Dungey would remount to finish fourth, with Grant rounding out the top five. 

Thunder Valley 450 Moto 1 Results: 
1. James Stewart (Suzuki) 
2. Ken Roczen (KTM) 
3. Trey Canard (Honda) 
4. Ryan Dungey (KTM) 
5. Josh Grant (Yamaha) 
6. Andrew Short (KTM) 
7. Malcolm Stewart (Honda) 
8. Jake Weimer (Kawasaki) 
9. Brett Metcalfe (Kawasaki) 
10. Weston Peick (Suzuki) 
11. Ivan Tedesco (Suzuki) 
12. Phil Nicoletti (Yamaha) 
13. Chad Reed (Kawasaki) 
14. Matt Goerke (KTM) 
15. Killy Rusk (Yamaha) 
16. Fredrik Noren (KTM) 
17. Tommy Weeck (Honda) 
18. Nick Schmidt (Honda) 
19. Jimmy Albertson (Honda) 
20. Cade Clason (Honda) 


Roczen wouldn’t be denied the Moto 2 victory, but had to work his way by some fast starters in the opening laps. This time Canard claimed the holeshot, followed by Grant and Dungey, with Roczen fourth. However, the German soon dispatched the two in front, leading to a battle with Canard for the early lead. 

Fighting for the front spot, Canard would eventually give way to Roczen and then yield position to Dungey as well. With Canard out of the way, Dungey attempted to chase down his teammate but couldn’t catch the front-runner – as the two turned laps en route to an eventual 1-2 factory KTM finish. 


The final podium spot was up for grabs between Canard and Stewart, but the Moto 1 winner managed to get around the Honda rider for third. Having battled for the moto win early, Canard would have to settle for fourth in Moto 2 and the overall with his 3-4 finish. Meanwhile, Stewart claimed second overall with his 1-3 result. 

Ryan Villopoto’s factory Kawasaki fill-in, Brett Metcalfe, recovered from a lackluster ninth-place Moto 1 result to round out the top five in Moto 2. The fast-starting Josh Grant rode his way to sixth in the second moto, earning fifth in the overall with his (5-6) byline. 

Roczen’s overall victory give him a 12 point lead over Dungey in the 450 Motocross standings and 30 point advantage over the third-placed Stewart. Canard, who logged a consistent 3–4 result is one point behind Stewart. 

Thunder Valley 450 Moto 2 Results: 
Ken Roczen claimed the overall 450 Motocross win at Thunder Valley MX with his 2-1 result.
1. Ken Roczen (KTM) 
2. Ryan Dungey (KTM) 
3. James Stewart (Suzuki) 
4. Trey Canard (Honda) 
5. Brett Metcalfe (Kawasaki) 
6. Josh Grant (Yamaha) 
7. Weston Peick (Suzuki) 
8. Malcolm Stewart (Honda) 
9. Andrew Short (KTM) 
10. Chad Reed (Kawasaki) 

Thunder Valley 450 Class Overall Results: 
1. Ken Roczen (2-1) 
2. James Stewart (1-3) 
3. Ryan Dungey (4-2) 
4. Trey Canard (3-4) 
5. Josh Grant (5-6) 
6. Brett Metcalfe (9-5) 
7. Malcolm Stewart (7-8) 
8. Andrew Short (6-9) 
9. Weston peick (10-7) 
10. Jake Weimer (8-12) 

2014 450 Motocross Point Standings: 
1. Ken Roczen, 141 
2. Ryan Dungey, 129 
3. James Stewart, 111 
4. Trey Canard, 110 
5. Brett Metcalfe, 89 
6. Malcolm Stewart, 78 
7. Weston Peick, 77 
8. Josh Grant, 74 
9. Jake Weimer, 74 
10. Chad Reed, 61 
Thunder Valley 450 Motocross Results 2014
 Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Blake Baggett spoiled Jeremy Martin’s perfect season with a Moto 2 win and the overall 250 MX victory at Thunder Valley. Baggett’s success, however, did not come until Martin extended his winning streak to five in the opening moto. The Star Yamaha rider claiming third in the overall, after mistakes relegated Martin to sixth in Moto 2. Rounding out the overall podium was Honda’s Justin Bogle, as the most consistent 250 rider thanks to a 3-2 result. 


Martin had to work for his Moto 1 victory at Thunder Valley, with Honda’s Jessy Nelson seizing the early lead. Nelson grabbed the holeshot and marked out an impressive opening to the race, building a lead ahead of the Star Yamaha duo of Cooper Webb and Martin. 

Martin managed to get around his teammate, and then got to work on the leader. Nelson lost ground to his pursuer, and then went down. The mistake cost his several positions as he fell out of the top five. 

Now running in the lead Martin cruised to the Moto 1 checkers. Martin was chased his teammate, Webb, but the latter rider crashed – surrendering his runner-up spot and an -eventual ninth-place finish. 

Nelson, meanwhile, remounted and got back in the running. Nelson managed to get around several riders and back in the podium hunt. Nelson recovered to finish second, one spot ahead of Honda’s Bogle. Baggett could only manage a fourth-place result in the opener, with Jason Anderson rounding out the top five. 

Thunder Valley 250 Moto 1 Results: 
1. Jeremy Martin (Yamaha) 
2. Jessy Nelson (Honda) 
3. Justin Bogle (Honda) 
4. Blake Baggett (Kawasaki) 
5. Jason Anderson (KTM) 
6. Zach Bell (Honda) 
7. Marvin Musquin (KTM) 
8. Cole Seely (Honda) 
9. Cooper Webb (Yamaha) 
10. Justin Hill (Kawasaki) 
11. Christophe Pourcel 
12. Joey Savatgy (KTM) 
13. Matt Bisceglia (Honda) 
14. Kyle Cunningham (Honda) 
15. Kyle Peters (Honda) 
16. Brady Kiesel (Honda) 
17. Jacob Baumert (Kawasaki) 
18. Jackson Richardson (Honda) 
19. Cole Martinez (Kawasaki) 
20. Dakota Alix (KTM) 


In the second moto Baggett to his first outdoor win of 2014. The 2012 250 MX champ benefited from poor performances from the usually reliable Star Yamaha duo., with Martin and Webb finishing a respective sixth and seventh. 

The early Moto 2 leader was Zach Bell, who notched the holeshot follow by Jason Anderson and Christophe Pourcel. Bell would drop back, however, yielding the front position to the French rider, who led until Baggett worked up through the top five riders to take the lead. 

Once in the front Baggett was unmatched and motored on to victory. The battle for second was between Pourcel and Bogle, with the GEICO Honda rider eventually sticking a pass on the Yamaha for his eventual second-place finish. Pourcel retained third at the finish, but placed seventh overall with an 11th-place result in the opening race. The KTM duo of Marvin Musquin and Jason Anderson held fourth and fifth, respectively. 

The Yamahas were not a factor in the second moto podium results. Martin had to battle his teammate and Anderson for a top-five result, but then fell and relinquished position to place sixth and miss out on the Thunder Valley overall with his 1-6 result. 
Despite the relatively poor Moto 2 results, Martin still commands an impressive points lead in the championship, with a 26-point cushion on the nearest rival, his teammate Webb. Pourcel sits third in the points, down 47 to Martin with Baggett 49 back in fourth. 

Thunder Valley 250 Moto 2 Results: 
1. Blake Baggett (Kawasaki) 
2. Justin Bogle (Honda) 
3. Christophe Pourcel (Yamaha) 
4. Marvin Musquin (KTM) 
5. Jason Anderson (KTM) 
6. Jeremy Martin (Yamaha) 
7. Cooper Webb (Yamaha) 
8. Cole Seely (Honda) 
9. Jessy Nelson (Honda) 
10. Justin Hill (Kawasaki) 
11. Matt Bisceglia (Honda) 
12. Matt Lemoine (Kawasaki) 
13. Joey Savatgy (KTM) 
14. Kyle Cunningham (Honda) 
15. Dillan Epstein (Honda) 
16. Alex Martin (Yamaha) 
17. Brady Kiesel (Honda) 
18. Jacob Baumert (Kawasaki) 
19. Zack Williams (Honda) 
20. Cole Martinez (Kawasaki) 

Thunder Valley 250 Motocross Overall Results: 
1. Blake Baggett (4-1) 
2. Justin Bogle (3-2) 
3. Jeremy Martin (1-6) 
4. Jessy Nelson (2-9) 
5. Marvin Musquin (7-4) 
6. Jason Anderson (5-5) 
7. Christophe Pourcel (11-3) 
8. Cooper Webb (9-7) 
9. Cole Seely (8-8) 
10. Justin Hill (10-10) 

2014 250 Motocross Point Standings: 
1. Jeremy Martin, 140 
2. Cooper Webb, 114 
3. Christophe Pourcel, 93 
4. Blake Baggett, 91 
5. Justin Bogle, 90 
6. Jessy Nelson, 85 
7. Marvin Musquin, 82 
8. Jason Anderson, 81 
9. Justin Hill, 65 
10. Matt Bisceglia, 63 
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