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The 250/450 Two-Stroke Mix

How does it work ?

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Every race organization's rules should read, “Displacement: 250cc regardless of engine type.”

Here is what Australian National Championship promoter Kevin Williams told motoonline.com when asked about how the mix of 250 two-stroke and 250 four-stroke is working out in Australian racing.

“I think when you have a long championship and a blend of different circuits, it’s a non-argument for me. The two-strokes didn’t holeshot every race.... It comes down to the rider. Some people will say they have a power advantage, but where they might be an advantage in one part of the track, in another it might certainly be a disadvantage. You have to be fitter to ride a two-stroke, it takes more energy and those guys are putting in a stronger effort.

“It’s considerably cheaper to race a two-stroke – up to two-thirds cheaper across the series. I spoke to a few privateer’s parent and they indicated if we were a four-stroke-only series they wouldn’t be riding. For me, the 250 two-stroke is here to stay as an affordable option. The costs are going up, so if it keeps people in the sport it’s a positive... It adds value to Australian racing.”

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