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MX of Nations

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The 2013 MX of Nations is fast approaching and national sporting bodies are announcing their teams.

The latest country to do so is France with  Gautier Paulin, Jordi Tixier and Christophe Charlier being named.  A surprising omission from the list is the name of Marvin Musquin (pictured above)  who is currently competing with a lot of success in the American series.

On the Australian front, the team has not yet been finalised but Matt Moss has declared that he is unavailable for selection.










As  reports, Moss (pictured above) was the MX2 representative when Team Australia claimed third in France during 2011, but following that experience he admits that financially it’s more viable for him to focus his efforts on the national titles.

“Obviously the des Nations is a big thing,” Moss told “We were able to claim the bronze medal and I was very happy with that, but I had to pay for my own dinners and I didn’t have anybody else with me.

“I’d really love to go back and it’s something I’d consider in the future for sure, but that stuff plays a big part being in a foreign country by yourself and racing for your country. I just think we did our country so proud, but I don’t think we got looked after as well as we should have.

“It’s a good feeling representing your country, I’d like nothing more for them to look after me with no bills to pay while I’m over there so I can get the job done with no worries, but my goal right now is to win Motocross and Supercross. I’ve never won a 450 championship, so they’re my goal right now.”

The USA team for the Motocross of Nations is made up of the hard to beat Ryan Villopoto, Ryan Dungey and Eli Tomac.

No news on New Zealand's team as yet.

Plus Comment from Geoff Meyer 

MXoN – The Teams?

With the recent press releases from the French Motocross of Nations team about the non-inclusion of Marvin Musquin in the French team, and also the news that Matt Moss will not race for his country due to lack of funds, all of a sudden we are glued onto the net to see what is next for the biggest Motocross race of the season.

No doubt with still two months to go before the Motocross of Nations will be played out in Germany, many teams are looking at naming teams.

If the rumors are true that Musquin was asked to race the 450 and declined, then let the guy race the 250. Damn, he is close to being the best 250 rider in the World, has two World titles, finished with 2-1 results the last time he raced at the Teutschenthal circuit and belongs in this event.

Not having the name Musquin in the MXoN takes something away from the event. Of course there was also talk that the French team didn’t have budget to fly Musquin to Europe. Totally understand, but I am sure a sponsor could have come forward and covered that money, or even have a competition to raise the money via the fans. I would have put in something. We need Musquin at the event!!!!

As for the situation with Matt Moss, having to pay for his own meals when he represented the team a couple of years ago. That seems disappointing, on the other hand if I was given the chance to race for my country a little bit of food money wouldn’t stop me. Easy to say as a fan, but logic says if you want to race for your country then take that chance. I am sure Dean Ferris wouldn’t say no because of a couple of hundred euro out of his own pocket.

On that, I wanted to give my opinion on who might be in the leading teams. I know it is early times, but here goes.

Team USA, the most important team in the competition and often the strongest, should have Villopoto, Dungey and Tomac, and what a team this is. They might just be the two best 450cc riders in the World and the best 250cc rider in 2013. Of course Cairoli, Herlings and Roczen might also be, time will tell come September.

Team Germany. Ken Roczen, Max Nagl and of course Marcus Schiffer. Can’t pick anyone else, because there isn’t anyone else, and this team deserve to defend their crown at their home track.

Team Italy. If David Philippaerts can find some old form (and he often does at the MXoN) and Alessandro Lupino can make the most of being a factory rider, then Antonio Cairoli can finally look at either winning this event, or being on the podium. A team of question mark, but be sure Cairoli will be going for the MX1 overall!!!

Team France, would be Marvin Musquin, Gautier Paulin and Jordi Tixier. If Musquin doesn’t want to race on the 450, then put Tixier on the 350. Seems a better team than Paulin, Tixier and Charlier anyway. Xavier Boog was also a possability.

Team Australia. Chad Reed, Brett Metcalfe and Dean Ferris. These three have done the miles Internationally and deserve to be in the team. Of course Reed will have to find some form, but Metcalfe and Ferris are top five guys if they ride to their potential. If Reed is out then maybe Todd Waters in his place.

Team Britain. You know it probably won’t happen, but Dean Wilson, Tommy Searle and Jake Nicholls are a podium chance. Do Team UK go for Wilson, or leave him out again. Again, if its budget ask the fans or sponsors.

Team Belgium. Wow, this team has some nice riders to pick from, and with the under 23 rule now gone ito pens up the door for Roelants or Van Horebeek to race the 250 class, or maybe even Strijbos. My team would be Desalle, De Dycker and Strijbos.

Team Netherlands. It will be up to Jeffrey Herlings and Glenn Coldenhoff to in a podium chance, but Coldenhoff, Herlings, and then a fight between Marc De Reuver, Herjan Brakke, or maybe MX3 rider Mike Kras? De Reuver gets my nod, he has ridden well at Teutchenthal, although that was a long time ago. Come of De Reuver!!!!

Last and for sure not least, Puerto Rico. Now, every year they pick a team from American riders. How about this year they go with James Stewart, Justin Barcia and Blake Baggett. Its going to be a change of budget for the American riders, but wouldn’t it be awesome for this event to see a B-Team from USA. I know they might go 1-2 with the A-Team, but its something I would love to see just once in my life. I know the fans or sponsors would find the budget if asked. Come Puerto Rico, get serious in 2013!!

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