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20th Anniversary Erzbergrodeo

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If you were planning on doing the 2014 Erzbergrodeo, then you may be too lat. Entries for the 20th anniversary edition of the world’s most renowned motorcycle offroad festival, the ERZBERGRODEO, have once again been filled in record time. It took less than a few hours once registrations for the 2014 Austrian event were opened for the 1500 available places to be filled, with riders who missed out being placed onto a waiting list. 

Click here for footage of Erzberg 2013
The continued international interest translates into quite positive conditions for the 20th anniversary of the world’s most renowned Xtreme Enduro race, which has establish itself as a real attraction for the world’s best dirt bike athletes. 

"Considering the disastrous weather conditions of last year, we honestly didn’t expect to witness another record breaking registration procedure for 2014." Race promoter Karl Katoch admitted. "It’s really remarkable that not even heavy downpours and snowfall restrict the enthusiasm for the Erzbergrodeo! 

"The interest of pro-riders and factory teams is also tremendous, so we are able to expect a superlative starting grid next year. Additionally, we are planning to present the 'Erzbergrodeo legends', which includes all Red Bull Hare Scramble champions from 1995 until today – in a very spectacular special race event. 

"Everyone who wasn’t able to catch an entry spot should come and celebrate at Erzberg in 2014 – the anniversary edition is going to be an outstanding experience for all visitors!" Katoch added. 

The 2014 Erzbergrodeo will be held from the 29th of May through to the 1st of June and will once again see 1500, riders line up for the IRON ROAD PROLOGUE with only the top 500 riders progressing to the big race itself, the RED BULL HARE SCRAMBLE. 

For more information on the 2014 ERSBERGRODEO Click Here

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