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Tixier & Cairoli win Qualifying

MX GP Britain

maddix park mx

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The MX2 qualification race was a cracker in the early going as Jose Butron led from Jordi Tixier, Mel Pocock, Dean Ferris, Jake Nicholls and Christophe Charlier. The pace was amazing as the front guys battled for that top spot.

Ferris moved into third place on lap two and looked likely to also pass Butron, but at the back of the circuit, in a downhill section the Aussie lost control of his bike and dropped back to fifth place.  Click here for the clip of his crash. Tixier had passed Butron for the lead, and Nicholls moved into second place on lap five.

Once Ferris was out of  the picture Tixier walked away with the moto from a hard charging Nicholls second, then came Butron, Febvre, Anstie, Coldenhoff, Clermont, Ferris, Lupino, Tonus, Ferrandis and Pocock.

In the MX1 moto Antonio Cairoli took the lead early and just made this race his own, Early on it was Seb Pourcel and Jeremy Van Horebeek who looked for a top three finish, but Pourcel slowly dropped back as the two Rockstar Suzuki riders Clement Desalle and Kevin Strijbos passed him.

British hope, Tommy Searle was miles back after a problematic first lap after getting tangled up with Marc De Reuver, and Shaun Simpson raced around the top ten. Evgeny Bobryshev who had a terrible first corner, where you was lucky not to crash, but got pushed around returned to the pits on lap one.

Cairoli eventually won with a four second lead over Van Horebeek, with Desalle third, a further five seconds back.

MX2 – Qualifying Race – Classification

1 911 Tixier, Jordi FRA FFM KTM
2 45 Nicholls, Jake GBR ACU KTM
3 17 Butron, Jose ESP RFME KTM
4 461 Febvre, Romain FRA FFM KTM
5 14 Anstie, Max GBR AMA Suzuki
6 259 Coldenhoff, Glenn NED KNMV KTM
7 817 Clermont, Jason FRA FFM Kawasaki
8 111 Ferris, Dean AUS MA Yamaha
9 300 Lupino, Alessandro ITA FMI Kawasaki
10 200 Tonus, Arnaud SUI FMS Kawasaki
11 122 Ferrandis, Dylan FRA FFM Kawasaki
12 119 Pocock, Mel GBR ACU Yamaha
13 152 Petrov, Petar BUL BMF Yamaha
14 136 Olsen, Stefan Kjer DEN DMU Honda
15 23 Charlier, Christophe FRA FFM Yamaha
16 141 Desprey, Maxime FRA FFM Yamaha
17 151 Kullas, Harri FIN SML KTM
18 922 Fors, Kevin BEL FMB Yamaha
19 44 Banks-Browne, Elliott GBR ACU KTM
20 685 Lenoir, Steven FRA FFM KTM

MX1 Qualification race – Classification

1 222 Cairoli, Antonio ITA KTM
2 89 van Horebeek, Jeremy BEL Kawasaki
3 25 Desalle, Clement BEL Suzuki
4 22 Strijbos, Kevin BEL Suzuki
5 9 de Dycker, Ken BEL KTM
6 4 Pourcel, Sebastien FRA KTM
7 21 Paulin, Gautier FRA Kawasaki
8 19 Philippaerts, David ITA Honda
9 131 Aubin, Nicolas FRA Honda
10 24 Simpson, Shaun GBR Yamaha
11 132 Potisek, Milko FRA Yamaha
12 7 Barragan, Jonathan ESP KTM
13 100 Searle, Tommy GBR Kawasaki
14 40 Leok, Tanel EST TM
15 34 Roelants, Joel BEL Yamaha
16 714 de Reuver, Marc NED Honda
17 98 Snow, Alex GBR Kawasaki
18 91 Karro, Matiss LAT KTM
19 95 Justs, Augusts LAT Honda
20 102 Elderfield, Scott GBR Kawasaki

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