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Whibley's report

GNCC Big Buck

maddix park mx

5th place was not what I was hoping for from round 4 at Big Buck in South Carolina. It’s not that 5th is a terrible result, but once you win races and championships you come to have higher expectations from yourself.

The race started out well, taking the All Balls hole shot again and pushing out the streak to 17 in a row. I often get asked who does our motors and how I get so many good starts. Well our motors are pretty special; they come straight from Japan, from the Yamaha factory, off a production line and are fitted in an YZ 450f, the same ones you can buy.

The only secrets to getting a good start comes in the quality components the Am Pro Yamaha team fits to the bike from our supporters. They all play their part in maximising the performance of the solid platform that we start with. It’s kinda like that song, “the knee bone is connected to the shin bone...”

For us it’s, the Works Connection Holeshot device holds down the Factory Connection suspension, The FC suspension is held in line by the Ride eng clamps, the Ride clamps are mated to the Pro Taper bars, The Pro Taper bars hold the G2 throttle, the G2 throttle works with the Vortex Ig to control the power from a Wiseco piston, the Wiseco piston sends power threw the Rukluse clutch. The Rekluse clutch meters the power to the GYTR sprockets. The GYTR sprockets drive the DID chain to turn the Kenda tire. The Kenda’s finds maximum traction, Maximum traction = HOLESHOT.

After the start I rode a little tight with my modified grip from an injured paw causing a little arm pump. I rode a lonely race in 4th until just before the last lap. Chris Bach caught up and went by me when we stopped for our second fuel stop and dropped me to 5th.

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