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Wilson to replace Reed

USA Supercross 2014

maddix park mx

“It is with great disappointment that Discount Tire Racing/TwoTwo Motorsports’ Chad Reed announces that he must sit out for the remaining rounds of the 2014 AMA Monster Energy Supercross series after undergoing shoulder surgery to repair injuries sustained in a racing accident in San Diego. Reed entered round 6 of the series after taking a commanding win just seven days earlier in Anaheim, his second win of the 2014 season, and only two points shy of the series championship point standings. Despite breaking three bones in the San Diego crash, Reed put in a valiant effort in Dallas this past weekend to stay in the hunt for series championship, however his injuries were too severe for Reed to complete practice qualifying. While Reed will now turn his focus to the 2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, he is also excited to announce a new chapter for Discount Tire Racing/TwoTwo Motorsports: Dean Wilson!”

Discount Tire Racing/TwoTwo Motorsports reached an agreement with Mitch Payton of Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki to allow Dean Wilson to race Reed’s Kawasaki KX450F at select East Coast rounds of 2014 Supercross series. Wilson has prior experience racing the KX450F in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross; however this will be his first attempt at racing in the 450 Supercross class.

For Reed, choosing Dean as his fill in was an easy fit. “For me I’m ready to heal up and get back into training and focus my time and energy on getting ready for Outdoors,” said Reed. “I’m excited for Dean because it is the team’s long term goal to have multiple riders on the team and Dean’s name has been kicked around the semi for a long time. This is our first chance to see how it goes with another rider in the mix. Not only is Dean a good friend, but is also somebody who I respect for his talent. I’m excited for the chance to work with him and not dwell on the fact that I’m out of the championship. I’m excited to put a headset on and go to the races as team owner and try to see what we can do and have fun with Deano.”

Upon entering his first 450 Supercross race, Wilson looks forward to the opportunity of learning under Reed’s guidance. 

“Joining Discount Tire Racing/TwoTwo Motorsports is going to be an awesome experience for me. Obviously I know Chad pretty well and I got the phone call last Saturday after he decided that he wasn’t going to be racing. It was a pretty cool phone call to get that he wants me to race his bike! I’ve wanted to do the 450 rounds on the East coast just to keep racing because I feel like I’m riding pretty well at the moment. Mitch (Payton) and Reid (Nordin, Kawasaki race team manager) were really supportive of this move, as well as the other team sponsors. I just want to mix it up with the boys and have fun. There is no pressure so it should just be some good racing and some good experience for me.”

Coming off of the West coast share of the series, Mitch Payton is excited for Dean to get seat time on the East coast before the series heads back west.

“We’re very happy that Chad has reached out to Dean to fill in for him while he is recovering,” said Mitch. “Both Chad and Pro Circuit are really good friends as Dean and Chad are also. We believe Chad’s team is organized and ready to do battle and we think this will be good for Dean to get experience in the 450 class. Coming off his West coast it is good to keep him out there racing and getting seat time.”

Reed plans on attending most of the remaining Supercross races as team owner and as rider coach as Dean transfers his efforts from the Kawasaki KX250F to the KX450F.

Interview with Dean Wilson  by Eric Johnson

Racer X: Alright Dean, it’s almost 5 p.m. here in Corona, California. Word is out that you got something cooking with Chad Reed’s team, and everyone wants to know about it. So just what went down this afternoon?
Dean Wilson: Well, today was the first day I tested the TwoTwo Motorsports (Discount Tire Racing) 450 machine. It all came about last Saturday in Dallas when Chad couldn’t go with his shoulder injury. He called me and asked me if I wanted to race his bike and I said, “Yeah, for sure!” I mean, it was a great opportunity and I just wanted to keep racing. Obviously things needed to be worked out with sponsors and stuff like that because there were some conflicts. Tuesday night we got the clear to go ahead, so we tested today and it was a good day. I just really want to thank Mitch Payton at Pro Circuit and Reid Nordin at Kawasaki for letting it all happen. I also want to thank my mechanic Oliver Stone for coming out today. He really helped me out a lot. Now I’m really looking forward to getting in some races on this 450 machine.

Racer X: How is the bike? I’m sure fans out there are going to want to know how your Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki KX250F lines up against Chad Reed’s KX450F.
Dean Wilson: I really like Chad’s bike. I think the engine is really good. I felt pretty comfortable on it real fast. Today we just pretty much setting things set-up to where I feel comfortable with my handlebars and clamps and all that sort of stuff. I was really comfortable on it. The engine was really strong and good and the handing was good as well. I definitely think I’m on a solid bike.

With Chad Reed out for the rest of Monster Energy Supercross, Dean Wilson will fill-in for select East Coast rounds.  Photo: Simon CudbyWith Chad Reed out for the rest of Monster Energy Supercross, Dean Wilson will fill-in for select East Coast rounds. Photo: Simon Cudby

Racer X: Are the bikes pretty similar, the 250 and the 450? Or will it take time on a proper supercross track like Atlanta this weekend to get a better feel and understanding? People know that you were faster than the 450 riders in a few of the practice and qualifying sessions out west.
Dean Wilson: Well, I won’t be racing Atlanta. Mitch wants me to have a week under my belt before I race the 450. But between the 450 and the 250, the 450 is obviously a lot heavier. You can’t throw it around like the 250. You’ve got to be smooth and hit your marks, pretty much. I mean it’s a pretty big machine just to toss around. And my Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki 250F is just awesome. Mitch and everybody at Pro Circuit have got me on a really good bike and I’m really happy with the whole team. They’re really awesome and always have my back and if there is ever anything that needs to be done to benefit me, they will bend over backwards for me. That’s what’s so awesome about that team. And Chad’s TwoTwo Motorsports team, so far, has been really awesome and I’m really enjoying it.

Racer x: After your crash at San Diego, the last 250 West Region race for a while, you wound up 21st. That dropped you down to fourth in the West Region points, and you’re now 33 points behind class leader Jason Anderson. With just a few races left your championship hopes there have sort of faded away…
Dean Wilson:Well, honestly my plan was to try and win San Diego and then start focusing on my outdoor testing. I felt like I was going in the right direction to win San Diego but then I made a stupid mistake on my part and crashed and then my front brake caliper got landed on and it broke so I got last. That was a pretty big heartbreaker for me because I had good momentum going from Oakland all the way to San Diego and I pretty much thought that I had that race won. Ever since San Diego I’ve been really pissed off and I just want to race. I’ve been pretty upset with myself for making that stupid mistake. Now I just want to try and stay positive and get the 450 races under my belt and gain some experience, as well.

Racer X: You raced the Monster Cup on a 450 didn’t you?
Dean Wilson: Yeah, Monster Cup was just kind of shaking the cobwebs out because that was really my first time back since my shoulder operation. I would have been in the top five in points at the end of the day if I wouldn’t of messed up and made a mistake in the first race and finished 20th. But, yeah, I felt on the pace on the 450. I think I’ll be fine.

Racer X: You told me back in December that you were taking a step back and riding the 250 this season so you could regroup and get it all back together for a run on the 450 in 2015. Maybe this shot on Chad’s #22 bike might really work out in a number of ways for you.
Dean Wilson: Yeah, for sure I think it’ll be good. There aren’t really any expectations on me. I just need to go out there and race 20 laps each Saturday night and will see where we end up.

Racer X: You’ve probably been watching all of the 450 races so far this season and it’s been a hell of a series, with a number of battles taking place in every main event. You’ve got Stewart confident and back at full speed, you’ve got Villopoto and Roczen there every night, you have Dungey and Barcia starting to come around, and then there are the impressive upstarts such as Brayton and Peick and Tickle and Hill. Where do you see yourself falling into that whole brawl?
Dean Wilson: Honestly, it’s going to be hard to say. I mean all I can do is try my best. I’d love to be mixed up with those guys and running up front—that would be my goal—but we’ll just see how it goes. We’ll take the days step-by-step and get through practice and qualifying and then get through my heat races and then we’ll just focus on the main event. I’ve never actually done a 450 SX main event so I think it’ll be good to finally do one now. I’m really looking forward to it. And I like the east coast tracks, as well.

Racer X: Barcia and Roczen are about the same age as you, aren’t they?
Dean Wilson:Yeah, me and Barcia are the same age and Roczen is just a couple of years younger. Those two had a good mash-up last weekend so we’ll see how all that plays out!

Racer X: Do you see yourself being right in there and mixing it upright away with those two? You guys are all part of that next wave of young guys starting to really make a collective mark.
Dean Wilson: Yeah, for sure. I think the next wave is going to be really good, you know? You look at Roczen and Barcia and Tomac and me—and I’m probably missing some people—and it’s going to be a good group of new young guys in the 450 class, so it’s going to definitely be exciting.

Racer X: And how about Chad? He’s still in the hospital, isn’t he?
Dean Wilson: Yeah, Chad had surgery last night and he’s out of it a little bit today but I’m going to have a talk with him soon and tell him how things are going. I’ll be stoked to have him at the races and having help me out. That would be awesome.

Wilson will make his debut next weekend in Indy. Photo: Simon CudbyWilson will make his debut next weekend in Indy.Photo: Simon Cudby

Racer X: Did the Monster Energy Kawasaki factory team entertain the idea of riding and racing the injured Jake Weimer’s bike?
Dean Wilson: At first I was actually thinking that I wanted to rider Weimer’s bike, but I don’t know … things just didn’t come together with that and Chad was ready for a rider and think they were waiting on what Jake’s situation is. Even before Chad was actually injured I wanted to race Weimer’s bike because he was out. A lot of people just didn’t know what was going on and were kind of waiting on some things. But Chad gave me an opportunity and I said, “Yeah, let’s do it.”

RacerX: Last question. Down deep, what are you really hoping to pull off in these 450 races? Top five? Top three? What do you see?
Dean Wilson: I would just like to see me race at my full potential and leave the races healthy. If that happens, I’ll be happy.

Racer X: So what’s your full potential? Give us a number.
Dean Wilson: [Laughs] Every time I put a number on something, it never works out! So, EJ, I’m not saying anything. I just want to ride at my best potential and wherever that ends up is where it’s going to end up. I think next month and half or so is going to be a fun, enjoyable opportunity and I’m just thankful for the opportunity to race with these guys.

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