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Women's MX at High Point


maddix park mx   Byron Wilson

Jessica Patterson swept both motos at High Point, Round 2 of the 2013 Women's Motocross Triple Crown.
N-Fab’s Jessica Patterson returned to form in Round 2 of the Women’s Motocross Triple Crown, doubling up moto wins ahead of Team Honda’s Sayaka Kaneshiro, who went 2-2 on the day. Rock River Yamaha’s Mackenzie Tricker scored third-place in Moto 1 but didn’t start Moto 2 so finished in 11th overall with her 3-30 result. It was Shannon Niday MX Schools’ Taylor Higgins with a 5-3 showing on the final step of the overall podium at High Point.

In Moto 1 Tricker was strong out front for the first half of competition, but Patterson wasn’t giving her much breathing room and with close to five minutes remaining JP$ made the pass for the lead. Tricker didn’t quit and was able to answer back as they approached the final lap when Patterson was slowed by a backmarker. Regaining the lead, Tricker looked to have it sealed up as Patterson ran wide on the penultimate lap but then an issue on track forced Tricker to slow her pace and allowed Patterson and Kaneshiro to pass just before the checkers.

In Moto 2 it was all Patterson. Taking the early lead, the Yamaha rider built a solid gap on the field, finishing over 16 seconds ahead of Kaneshiro and 44 seconds ahead of Higgins. Munn Racing’s Sara Pettersson went 6-4 to finish fourth overall, followed by Chucks Roofing’s Marissa Markelon (7-5) in fifth.

Kaneshiro holds the overall points lead thanks, in part, to Patterson’s DNF in Moto 1 at Hangtown. She sits 14 points ahead of Patterson in second-place while Higgins is third, though she is mathematically tied with JP$ at 72.

High Point Women’s Motocross Results 2013: 
1. Jessica Patterson (Yamaha) 1-1 
2. Sayaka Kaneshiro (Honda) 2-2 
3. Taylor Higgins (Honda) 5-3 
4. Sara Pettersson (KTM) 6-4 
5. Marissa Markelon (KTM) 7-5 
6. Jacqueline Strong (KTM) 4-9 
7. Sade Allender (Honda) 9-7 
8. Amanda Brown (Honda) 8-8 
9. Lindsey Palmer (Kawasaki) 11-6 
10. Shelby Rolen (Yamaha) 10-11 
11. Mackenzie Tricker (Yamaha) 3-30 
12. Chelsea Newbold (Honda) 14-10 
13. Kayla Solheid (Kawasaki) 15-12 
14. Kaylynn Kotlar (Honda) 12-15 
15. April Zastrow (Honda) 13-16

Women’s Motocross Championship Points 2013: 
1. Sayaka Kaneshiro, 86 
2. Jessica Patterson, 72 
3. Taylor Higgins, 72 
4. Jacqueline Strong, 61 
5. Sara Pettersson, 58 
6. Mackenzie Tricker, 55 
7. Courtney Duncan NZ, 50 (was out for High Point with injury).
8. Amanda Brown, 44 
9. Lindsey Palmer, 42 
10. Sade Allender, 41 
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