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Matterley MX

MX GP Britain

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On the hilly, undulating circuit of Matterley Basin, and with around 30,000 fans in attendance, not to mention around 600 competitors one of the greatest events in the sports history was run in 2012, the MXGP Festival. Image Sarah Gutierrez

The hope of Great Britain Tommy Searle put on a performance worthy of an MBE as he sent the large crowd into a frenzy as he beat up on the FIM World MX2 Champion Jeffrey Herlings. It was one of the most exciting MX2 battles from the last ten years.

This year though we have not Jeffrey Herlings due to injury and Searle has moved up to the much more difficult MX1 class. Searle has struggled somewhat in the class, many including myself figured he has GP victory potential in 2013, but he hasn’t even made a podium.

However, riding at home, in front of his fellow countrymen you can count on Searle to rise to the occasion. If there is anything Searle is he is a fighter and a big event racer. Be it a home GP, or the Motocross of Nations he usually pulls something special out of the hat.

I for one would not be surprised to see him win this weekend. He will be so pumped to be back at Matterley and his confidence level and adrenaline will be high. Will we see another classic Motocross event at this already magnificent circuit.

Outside the Searle factor we have Antonio Cairoli inches away from winning his seventh World Motocross Championship. Only a handful of points and he will be crowned World MX1 Champion, and edge even closer to the all time record of Stefan Everts.

Cairoli has been very consistent this year, just as he is every year and the competition have slowly been worn out. First Desalle, then Paulin, both finally breaking under the pressure of having to perform week in and week out to compete with the Italian legend.

Matterley Basin though is a circuit that many of the GP riders love. If could be a really exciting MX1 battle as anyone of five riders have the potential to win the GP.

In the MX2 class it will be a war. Even more so than in the MX1 class the MX2 class have a long list of riders waiting to win their first Grand Prix. Last weekend it was Dean Ferris who was able to make the most of the non-appearance of Jeffrey Herlings, but Jose Butron, Jordi Tixier, Glenn Coldenhoff, Christophe Charlier, Jake Nicholls and Ferris all have a shot at winning this GP.

Hey, you could also add Alexander Tonkov, Romain Febvre, Maxime Desprey, Dylan Ferrandis, and Max Anstie as outside chances for a win.

It is in fact impossible to pick a favorite from this group, is it Ferris because of his victory last weekend and the fact this circuit is very much like an Australian Motocross circuit, or could it be Tixier, second in the points standings and with a very fast RedBull KTM Factory bike, or can Jake Nicholls pull of a victory at home?

Whatever happens this weekend at Matterley Basin, a massive crowd, huge rider presence, great weather and what many say is the best circuit on the calendar we are up for a Grand Prix not to be forgotten.

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