Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd January all tracks open from 9.00 - dark. Mini track is in good condition, the MX is dry and a bit rough in places (cannot be groomed until we get rain). The Trail loops are in great condition and a good ride to escape some of the heat.


SX Spoiler Report

Seattle AMA Supercross

maddix park mx

250SX: GEICO Honda’s Eli Tomac grabbed his second holeshot of the night in the 250SX main event over the likes of Ryan Sipes, Christian Craig, Ken Roczen and Zach Osborne. Craig was able to get by Sipes almost immediately, and Roczen was able to move past both of them for second place shortly after the start of the second lap. Osborne was also able to climb through the ranks in the first third of the race; he passed Sipes for third on lap five.

Tomac was able to stretch it out and consistently make a triple in a rhythm section to pull almost a full second on Roczen lap after lap. The GEICO Honda rider looked to have the win in the bag, but a costly mistake at the end a whoop section ejected the defending champion off of his bike. He nearly jumped into the face of a double and immediately cross-rutted upon exiting the whoop section. Tomac’s front wheel dropped, causing him to go over the bars in the air. He quickly remounted, but Roczen passed him and immediately put a solid gap between them.

Roczen rode out the remainder of the race to an unchallenged win, while Tomac followed him to a second-place finish on a tweaked bike. Meanwhile, third-place Osborne had company from Troy Lee Design’s Cole Seely, who had seemed to come from nowhere. Seely put heavy pressure on Osborne for the entirety of the last lap but was unable to seal the deal.

450SX:  Honda Muscle Milk’s Justin Barcia nailed the holeshot over MotoConcept’s holeshot specialist Mike Alessi and Monster Energy Kawasaki’s defending champion Ryan Villopto. A first-turn tangle sent Ryan Dungey, Josh Hill and Chad Reed to the ground. Reed pulled off the track and never reentered. Dungey and Hill remounted in 18th and 19th.

Villopoto moved past Alessi on the second lap and set his focus on Barcia. Rockstar Energy Racing’s Davi Millsaps followed suite and passed Alessi as well at the beginning of the third lap. Meanwhile, Dungey rode like a man possessed, working his way up to fifth place by the eighth lap. Honda Muscle Milk’s Trey Canard was holding down a solid fourth until he stalled his bike. Dungey inherited fourth and Canard later pulled off the track after what seemed like bike problems. Other than Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Jake Weimer moving into fifth, the remaining top-five’s biggest challenge was minimize mistakes on the deteriorating track. Barcia rode it out to his second career 450SX win, with Villopto and Millsaps rounding out the podium.

Report by Jordan Roberts. Image Simon Cudby

450SX: 1st Justin Barcia, 2nd Ryan Villopoto, 3rd Davi Millsaps, 4th Ryan Dungey, 5th Jake Weimer, 6th Mike Alessi, 7th Broc Tickle, 8th Justin Brayton, 9th Andrew Short, 10th Phillip Nicoletti

450SX Overall: 1st  Villopoto 321, 2nd Millsaps 296, 3rd Dungey 295, 4th Barcia 245, 5th Reed 213, 6th Canard 202, 7th Short 189, 8th Stewart 174, 9th Brayton 162, 10th Tickle 155

250 SX: 1st Ken Roczen, 2nd Eli Tomac, 3rd Zach Osbourne, 4th Cole Seely, 5th Tyler Rattray, 6th Austen Politelli, &th Ryan Sipes, 8th Joey Savatgy, (th Martin Davalos, 10th Jason Anderson

250 SX West Overall: 1st Roczen 163, 2nd Tomac 143, 3rd Seely 113, 4th Osbourne 102, rth Anderson 99, 6th Davalos 94, 7th Cunningham 86, 8th Savatgy 75, 9th Rattray 74, 10th Politelli 72

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