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A week after suffering a substantial head knock while racing a regional championship event, Motorex KTM’s Todd Waters is only a 50-50 chance of competing this weekend’s fourth round of the Monster Energy MX Nationals at Broadford.

The current championship leader has been unstoppable on his way to a solid, 44-point series lead, winning two of three GoPro SuperPoles and 5 of 6 championship motos thus far.

While all interested parties recognise that Waters’ safety takes complete priority, the North Queenslander’s potential failure to gain clearance could completely change the complexion of the series, which offers a maximum haul of 75 points available per round.

"I crashed on the 250 last weekend which was a bit of a bugger after I won the 450 overall and was riding well," Waters explained.

"I’ve had all the tests and the medics are confused as to how a brain that big can fit in a human skull. At least that’s what I’m telling people! Before I’m allowed to race this weekend Race Safe will examine the results of the test I’ve done this morning checking memory, reaction time and problem solving over 40 minutes. I feel great though, nothing’s changed there so hopefully that’s a good sign," he concluded.

Team Manager, Rob Twyerould, added - "Todd's kind of fifty-fifty right now – last week he crashed and knocked himself out at a Sunny State round and now it's down to the guys at Race Safe to see if he'll be okay to ride.

"He's had a CT scan and MRI and seen a neuro surgeon and we'll leave it in the hands of the experts to make the decision on Saturday. He says he’s feeling great so from his perspective it’s positive. Simon Maas, Racesafe's Director of Emergency Services has been unreal getting Todd in to see people who normally take six months to see. Him and Steven Andrews the surgeon I just can’t recommend highly enough," Twyerould concluded.

On the other side of the orange awning, Kirk Gibbs hopes to extend his run of consecutive improvements, having last round gained his first top-six overall finish to enter the championship top ten.

Kirk has had a really productive week at home, he dominated in South Australia and has been doing some great riding and training so should be all fired up. We’ve also got Johnny DiStefano coming to the next couple of rounds to help out. His eye on the track is great and he really helped the boys last round. He’s a very analytical person who sees what other people don’t. He’s very clever and he’ll be a big asset.

"Everything’s fine with me coming in. I spent last weekend doing some local races in South Australia, a State Title round where I rode pretty well and won both classes," Gibbs enthused.

"We’ve had lot of rain here and the racing is just what I want to do to keep sharp. There’s nothing like being behind that start gate to help build race intensity. Broadford isn’t my most or least favourite track, but it’s a decent track as long as it’s prepped well and if it rains it well definitely make it a bit tougher and more interesting.

"I’ll just try to keep it on two wheels and come out with a decent result. We're progressing well results-wise after the first round where I didn’t ride well but I’ve made big improvements. I felt like I was in a patch where nothing I could do would made me better or faster but now every time I race I get better and keep improving. Everything is gelling right now and going my way so I want to push on," Gibbs concluded.

Main Photo: Todd Waters
Credit: Arryn Minerds

MX1 championship standings (after three of 10 rounds):
1. Todd Waters 214
2. Matt Moss 170
3. Lawson Bopping 168
4. Cody Cooper 160
5. Billy Mackenzie 157
6. Tye Simmonds 140
7. Adam Monea 133
8. Ford Dale 133
9. Kirk Gibbs 126
10. Jake Moss 124

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