Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th March: All tracks closed. Due to all the rain this week the tracks and access road in, need work which we are unable to do as our tractor is still waiting on mechanical work to be completed. We would love to be open but unfortunately can't.


Rhys Carter 1st Turn Crash

Australian Nationals

maddix park mx

MX2 First Turn Carnage at MX Nationals Opener

Matt Bernard caught this sequence from the first MX2 Moto. We’re glad to say both Corey Lucas (32) and Rhys Carter (33) rejoined the race.

"It was just one of those things", says Rhys, who's back home between motos. "It was a high speed turn so I was pretty lucky. I wasn't hurt and the bike was OK so we did the second moto. Unfortunately I crashed in the second race as well - washed out the front - but the bonus is I know  the speed is there."


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