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The Stat Sheet: History of MX1

FIM Motocross World Championship

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In an attempt to rebrand the FIM Motocross World Championship, Youthstream has decided to rename the MX1 class ‘MXGP’ from this point onwards. So, the 2013 GP finale marked the end of an era, as MX1 is no more. With the MX1 class now extinct, we have complied a list of every rider that won an MX1 GP from 2004 to 2013.

It is not surprising that Antonio Cairoli has topped the charts, as he has completed one more season than Stefan Everts in the MX1 class. Although the two riders are from different eras, they are both clearly the class of the field, as their GP win count is unrivalled; despite the fact that they both spent a relatively small time (in comparison to some of the other guys listed) in the MX1 division.

I thought that it was very interesting that both Clement Desalle and Josh Coppins (pictured) are so close in wins on this list, as they are both quite similar in regard to riding style, and the way they attack the race. Interestingly, Coppins’ final GP victory came in the same season that Desalle acquired his first overall win. Their total “MX1 GP wins” also marked their career total, because neither rider has won a GP in any other classes.

It is intriguing to see that sixteen of the riders on this list are still actively racing somewhere in the world – most of the riders will undoubtedly capture a GP win under the new title of the “MXGP class” in the future. Shaun Simpson was the last rider to win the overall at an MX1 GP, as he topped the podium, sensationally, at Lierop in September earlier this year.



MX1 GP Wins:

Antonio Cairoli


Stefan Everts


Clement Desalle


Josh Coppins


Mickael Pichon


David Philippaerts


Jonathan Barragan


Gautier Paulin


Ken de Dycker


Kevin Strijbos


Max Nagl


Sebastien Pourcel


Ben Townley


Tanel Leok


Christophe Pourcel


Steven Frossard


Marc de Reuver


Shaun Simpson


Evgeny Bobryshev


Steve Ramon


Billy Mackenzie


Brian Jorgensen


At first, we were going to end our list there. But, we decided to take it one step further, and see which manufacturer was most successful in the MX1 division. Although you may be surprised that Yamaha are on top of the list, you have to remember that the manufacturer were very successful when the MX1 class was first introduced in 2004. The Rinaldi Yamaha squad enjoyed a lot of success before 2009, as Stefan Everts, Josh Coppins and David Philippaerts spent a lot of time on top of the podium when they were a part of the team.

Yamaha have won just six MX1 GPs since 2010 – they have clearly struggled recently, as KTM have replaced them as the strongest manufacturer in the series. But, KTM has only established themselves as a contender in MX1 in the last four years, hence why they didn’t pass Yamaha on the MX1 GP wins list. I was surprised to see Kawasaki at the bottom of the list, as they have had some good riders over the years – you would think that they would have won more than they have.


MX1 GP Wins:











Well, there you have it, a look at the MX1 class from the beginning of 2004, to the end of 2013. The name ‘MXGP’ has already been adopted by most, but I think it will take quite a while before we all stop calling it ‘MX1′. Honestly, I do not really think the change is needed, MX1 is perfectly fine, and doesn’t cause confusion. But, then again, calling the premier division ‘MXGP’ isn’t going to make much of a difference – it’s a minor change that will undoubtedly be overlooked by most.

Words by Lewis Phillips

Image courtesy of Yamaha Racing

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